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Без ограничений по максимумальной сумме.
50% от стоимости подписки клиента

About company Glocal

Automating Growth with Gloc.Al partnership program.

Glocal – SaaS platform which makes online business searchable around the world and provide easly content edit on 109 languages. Glocal specializes in website localization and offers a range of services in the field of international marketing and digital visibility. They emphasize local communication and content localization in native languages to enhance user trust and engagement on the internet. 

Full time team: HRBP, Product, Sales manager, 4 engineers

Core team

Olga Nayda (CEO)

• Top 10 startups in UAE founded by women 2023 according to TiE.
• Lecturer at Netology, Assembly Dubai, and Wollongong University Dubai.

Aleksei Dolgikh (CVO)

• 7+ years of experience in content delivery, $10B business process pipelines.
• Products launch in 100 countries.

Tony Fich (COO/CTO)

•Expert in IT development, VC and WEB3 with more than 9 years of experience
•Successfully mentored and invested 
in over 15 startups.
Raised over $2m in portfolio products.

What does Glocal
offer to its clients:


Users Are Searching on Google in Their Native Language


Why Glocal




Who are our partners

Affiliate program for you if you:

Specialized program for LSPs to collaborate on joint prospects and new business transactions.

We’ll assist you in integrating your product with Glocal and collaborating on co-sales and marketing prospects.

We can assist you raise your skills and unearth new revenue prospects if you are a software development or digital agency, system integrator, or reseller.

Glocal supported by:

Regolith investment platform
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How does
a partner earn

1/ Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) from its own website.
2/ Through Agents.
3/ Through partners who purchase packages.

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