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Why glocal SEO platform

Translating and optimizing a website for international traffic has never been easier

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Searchable around the world

With the use of Global CDN and our magic, your website is indexed by search networks around the world

109 language versions and 100 countries for your website

109 language versions and 100 countries of presence for your website

let us automate it for you

Metadata automation and translation synchronisation

Simple installment and automation of your routine in translating metatags

Friendly Service

Friendly for users and Search Engines

Glocal follows all Google guidelines to make your website visible to more people in the internet


Protection and Security

Glocal SEO platform provides SSL encryption to the subdomains users create. Glocal does not store any user data from users of our clients’ websites

Global Synchronisation

Immediate synchronization

The Glocal SEO platform synchronises content between language and country versions. All users around the world see the latest version of the website!

Why Glocal SEO platform

How does it work?

Global CDN

Your website will open quicker

This is how your traffic map will look together with Glocal

English Languages-Application

Global Styles

All your on-page SEO efforts multiplied in connected languages

We know how difficult it is to add descriptions and tags to a single page, so for all language versions of your site we have transferred and translated meta tags and descriptions for you


Choose the right pricing plan for your business




For individuals and startups

  • 1 language version
  • 30,000 words
  • Local CDN
  • 1 day sync
  • SSL certificate




For growth in region

  • 5 language versions
  • 30,000 words
  • Regional CDN
  • 1 hour sync
  • SSL certificate


Most Popular



For international growth

  • 7 language versions
  • 70,000 words
  • Global CDN
  • 1 hour sync
  • SSL certificate




For total industry disrupters

  • 1 language
  • 1,000,000 words
  • Global CDN
  • immediate sync
  • SSL certificate

100% no-risk money back guarantee


I broke my head thinking about extending my Hubspot website from one country’s traffic source to at least 15. I connected 20 languages to my website from Glocal. It showed me that only with English 75% of Italian visitors

Osama Shawki

Osama Shawky

Founder of Hospitality app


I’m so happy that escaped routine. We had to launch it in 10 new languages to enter a new market. Glocal simplified our life and launched the website translations and optimization in 1 day instead of half of the year as we initially planned.

Alex Chikurov

COO in Fintech startup


Why Glocal SEO Platform?

How does no-code install work for your domain?

– You register on the site and pay for the desired monthly plan
– After payment is processed, add website URL ( to account information
– You choose the languages that you want your site to be translated into and we take it from there

Niches Link-building Optimization

We link different versions of your website so they promote each other

Meta Tags Localisation

we use different tags to make sure your website is HIGHLIGHTING by local search engines (,, and others).

How to boost SEO using schema?

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What is SEO?

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How to do multilingual SEO?

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What are local domains for and why are they important?

We provide local domains for your business domain aka website.

What’s local domain? Local domain is like local person! Officially “local domain” is country code top level domain (ccTLDs) like .FR as France local country domain OR local,big cities domain is city code top level domain (ccTLDs) like .NYC as New York City 🗽 ❤️NYC local city domain that we love and it’s a huge brand!

What Is Translation Localisation?

We translate all your website pages using AI up to 109 languages on the fly with up to 50 ms latency, cache it and do thousands of magical steps after only one thing… connection to Glocal SEO Platform! $)

How to implement international seo on website?

Venturing into the realm of international SEO is akin to setting sail across digital seas, aiming to reach shores near and far with your brand’s narrative. The first compass point directs towards understanding the markets you intend to venture into. It’s about tuning into the digital heartbeat of geographies, deciphering the rhythm of local searches to tailor your content accordingly. However, understanding doesn’t stop at merely identifying the languages spoken; it dives deeper into the semantics of local search intent, a realm where excels. With its automatic SEO across 109 languages, transforms the babel of global digital chatter into a harmonious melody that resonates with local search engines, ensuring your brand’s narrative hits the right notes in every locale.

The narrative of international SEO unfolds further as you delve into the technical realm. Here lies the challenge of creating dedicated URLs for each market, a task akin to crafting digital passports for your content, ensuring a smooth entry into the local search landscapes. But why venture solo when offers a helping hand? Its prowess extends to orchestrating a seamless creation of dedicated URLs, ensuring each page speaks the local digital dialect fluently. Moreover, the saga of international SEO isn’t just about a static narrative; it’s a dynamic tale that evolves with every change in the global digital algorithm. shines as your brand’s digital scribe, adapting the narrative to resonate with the ever-evolving global SEO trends, ensuring the relevance of your content amidst the shifting sands of international SEO algorithms.

In the bustling marketplace of the digital realm, standing out is the key to global visibility. Here, dons the hat of a digital herald, its Blog Private Networking feature being the trumpet that announces your brand’s presence across the global digital realm. It’s about creating a buzz, a digital ripple effect that amplifies your brand’s narrative across borders, ensuring your message rings loud and clear in every corner of the globe. Moreover, the choreography of multilingual ADs buying is a dance excels at, ensuring your brand shines bright in the spotlight of global digital ad space. In the grand theater of international SEO, is your co-director, scripting, directing, and choreographing the play of your brand’s global digital success with a maestro’s touch, ensuring a standing ovation from the global digital audience.

Why is multilingual SEO important?

Multilingual SEO is crucial for global reach and user engagement. Here’s why, backed by research:

  1. Audience Reach: 75% of internet users prefer buying products in their native language (Common Sense Advisory).
  2. User Experience: 60% of users are more likely to make a purchase from a website in their own language (Common Sense Advisory).
  3. Visibility: Multilingual websites have a higher chance of ranking on the first page of search results (Forrester).
  4. Competitive Edge: 90% of online shoppers prefer websites in their own language (Common Sense Advisory).
  5. Trust: Users are more likely to trust websites offering content in their native language (European Commission).
  6. Conversions: Localized websites see an average 70% increase in conversion rates (Forrester).
What is multilingual SEO?

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Glocal careers

jobs offer

22 November 2023

Senior Salesperson Glocal SEO Platform

Are you a top-tier sales professional with a passion for making a substantial impact in the business world? Look no further! Join us as the Sales Director for Glocal SEO Platform, the groundbreaking International SEO As A Service Platform that’s redefining the way businesses conquer global markets.

Why Glocal is Amazing:
Glocal SEO Platform is not just a service; it’s a revolutionary force in the SEO market, designed to disrupt the industry with AI-backed lead generation capabilities. Operating in 90 languages across 100 countries through our unique Serverless Tech Network, Glocal leverages state-of-the-art technology to deliver unparalleled business benefits.

Why You Should Join:
As our Sales Director, you will be at the forefront of driving our ambitious growth plans. Here’s why this opportunity is tailor-made for a high-profile sales manager like you. Glocal operates in 120+ countries with the lowest ping network, ensuring the fastest and most reliable service for our clients. You’ll be part of a global movement, making a significant impact in every region.
Earn up to 35% per month of the Glocal subscription for the lifetime of your users. We believe in rewarding success, and your efforts will be recognized and compensated generously.

Innovate and Influence: Be part of a dynamic team that’s not just following processes but building them from scratch. You’ll collaborate with developers, conduct user surveys, and contribute to shaping new features. Unleash your creativity and drive innovation.

High Earnings Potential: With a lucrative commission structure, you have the potential to make $12,020 per month from just 100 sales or $120 on each direct subscription sale every month. It’s an ABC Salesperson’s dream—Always Be Closing!

Team Membership: Join a team where everyone is valued, and your input matters. You won’t be just selling a product; you’ll be part of a community that’s shaping the future of SEO.

Disruptive Market Presence: Glocal is not just a platform; it’s a disrupter in the SEO market. With a total addressable market of $5 billion in MENA and $15 billion worldwide, you’ll be selling a product that’s changing the game.

Key Responsibilities:
– Drive sales through strategic partnerships and direct customer interactions.
– Achieve personal KPIs with a focus on generating leads and closing deals.
– Promote Glocal’s unique features, including SEO AI-backed lead generation, localization, and niche link-building optimization.
– Collaborate with the development team to enhance features based on user feedback.
– Implement Glocal seamlessly in popular platforms like Shopify, WordPress, and more.

Your Impact:
As our Sales Director, you’re not just selling a service; you’re shaping the narrative of a disruptive force in the SEO industry. Join us, and let’s make billions on lead generation together while leaving a lasting impact in every region we touch!

Are you ready to lead the charge? Apply now and be part of the Glocal revolution! 🚀🌍

Apply Through F6S

21 July 2023

Senior Technical Support Engineer

You are best and very strong partner in sales with the desire to blog and do personal marketing with our B2B partners!Our team is designing B2B SaaS…

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22 July 2023

Director, Capital F., Investor Relations

Director, Capital F., Investor Relations
This individual will be responsible for covering new relationship development and account management of Glocal limited partners (“LP”) in primary geography. At scale, we anticipate hiring a coverage person for some combination of each North America,

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04 January 2024

JavaScript Developer Middle+

JavaScript Developer Middle+

Requirements- Excellent knowledge of Javascript (typescript)- Experience in working with serverless technologies.

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