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Glocal SEO Platform works with website builders and CMS:

Get customers from new countries

100 countries of traffic

Get traffic from the biggest cities in the world

88+ languages for the website to choose

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80 hours/month saved

Save up to 80 hours of manual work of the team per month

Visitors from search make you more money

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Glocal SEO: About Search Engine Optimizations.

Glocal - Optimize website grow business worldwide up to 100 markets | Product Hunt

Domains Localisation — we buy local domains for your business domain aka website. What’s local domain? Local domain is like local person! Officially "local domain" is country code top level domain (ccTLDs) like .FR as France 🇫🇷 local country domain OR local,big cities domain is city code top level domain (ccTLDs) like .NYC as New York City 🗽 ❤️NYC local city domain that we love and it's a huge brand!

Translation Localisation — we translate all your website pages using AI on 90+ languages on the fly after connection of

Meta Tags Localisation — we use different tags to make sure your website is HIGHLIGHTING by local search engines (,, and others)

Niches Link-building Optimization — we link different versions of your website so they promote each other SEO on 90 plus languages SEO on 90 plus languages

Keep your time, growth your business!

We'll do everything turnkey, all you have to do is get the Glocal SEO result

Translation into 90+ languages

Easy to use, no need for technical background

Personalizing features

If you don’t like the translation provided, edit it

24/7 customer service (soon...)

If you have problems, we are always here for you

Get international leads on the website from search results with Glocal

Statistics of one of our clients
map one

Customer come with 1-2 visitors per day from Google

Traffic map after connecting Glocal. User started getting visitors from multiple regions after 2 months

map two

Glocal Starts from $295/month

Contracts 6-12 months

Glocal Start

For small businesses that steps a little $295/mo
  • 1 market (5 language versions)
  • Subdomains
  • Domain analytics
  • Email Support
Get 14 days for free

Glocal One

Most popular Make a leap, don’t wait and extend your markets $601/mo All from Glocal Start
  • 5 markets (10 language versions)
  • Advanced caching
  • Advanced Domain analytics
  • Email Support
Get 14 days for free

Glocal Pro

Get those your competitors will never try $2100/mo All from Glocal One plus
  • Worldwide (40 language versions)
  • 5 country domains
  • Local content recommendations
  • Premium support
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Increase ROI

Your Advertising will even influence on search results

Get more performance with the same marketing budget

Customers from search engines more motivated than from Advertising

Even old website optimised in minutes

Glocal works on your site, whatever you add there

Tool that won’t stop your creativity

Experement, write articles, and multiply your traffic just with one tool

Make your website visible Global Automatically

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