BEST Startup One Pager – Glocal USD 500,000 round for 3,5% of the Holding company

Website localization system, to attract customers

Short description: Glocal helps companies reach foreign markets, get organic traffic and speak the language of their clients. For example, you are a migration lawyer from New York and you want to attract clients from Mexico. Our service will translate your site and show as local to Spanish speakers. A person looking for a lawyer in America will find your site in Spanish in both Mexico City and Texas

Type of business: B2B SaaS

Planned geography: 🌎 America, 🌍 EMEA, 🌏 APAC

Market: $57 billion global market for language services (Source). We run on Cloudflare, they generate $656m with CARG - 56%(Source)

Competitors: Lokalise round B - $52M, Weglot Round A - €42M, Smartling Round E - $160M

Project Development:

Investor request: entry point - USD 250,000 for 3,5%, step down - USD 145,000 for 1.75%. The company's maximum percentage for all investors is 16% for future fund entry

Revenue Forecast:

Project launch date: September 10, 2022

Who is working on the project: Unicorn Witnesses, a distributed international team

Contact for negotiation: our CEO email for contact: olga@gloc.alo